Devore Silk & Rayon Shrug in Shades of Red

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If you need just a little something to cover your shoulders and arms - something lightweight and not too warm  - something that you can wear for a fancy evening out or a casual get together with friends - the devore shrug is perfect. The silk background and rayon design are dyed at the same time - it’s like magic - each color knows where to go and they only go there. Light enough for all of Hawaii’s different climates. And it comes in so many colors you’ll be tempted to buy one for each outfit. These are one size fits most. Easy care! Hand wash and hang to dry - no dry cleaning required. The shrug us sewn into a tube. Slip an arm in each end and make sure the tag is in the center at the base of your neck. So easy! They are 45” wide and 28” long. In shades of Red In the Underwater pattern.

Note: Due to monitor differences, the color on your screen may not match exactly the actual color of the item.