Shibori Silk & Wool Shrug in Four Colorways

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What to wear when you want to be instyle be wearing something bespoke  BUT you need just a little something to cover your shoulders and arms - something lightweight and not too warm  - something that you can wear for a fancy evening out or a casual get together with friends - our Shibori Shrug does all that and more.  Shibori is a  Japanese dyeing technique that involves tiring up the scarf and compressing it before dyeing to make the stripe design. The more intricate the design, the more times you repeat this process.  Time consuming but SO worth it. Light enough for all of Hawaii’s different climates. They are mix of silk and wool and grab the fabric so they won’t slip off your shoulders.

Like our Devore shrugs, these are also sewn into a tube. You just put your arms on the ends and make sure the tag falls in the center of the base of your neck.

While these fit most folks, they are a bit larger than the Devore shrugs. They measure 55” wide (down your arms and across your shoulders) and  32” long (from the base of your neck). Easy care! Hand wash and hang to dry - no dry cleaning required. In Blue  & White.  

We have this shrug in four colorways. Cassie, our model, is wearing the Blue and White. We also have this in Gray, Blue and Dark Purple; Medium and Dark Blues, and Dark Purple and Blue.  Choose one or all! They are all in the cross hatch design.

Note: Due to monitor differences, the color on your screen may not match exactly the actual color of the item.