Ohe Kapala Silk Crepe Scarf in Beige with Wana and border

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Hand dyeing and hand stamping (in the traditional Hawaiian art of carving a stamp out of bamboo) a simple silk crepe scarf transforms it into a work of beauty that will catch the eye of everyone who walks by and show your appreciation of the artistry of the Hawaiian culture that continues on today.

Approximately 13x72" and easy care - just wash in cool water and hang to dry. No dry cleaning needed! Silky and lightweight - just right for Hawaii weather and so easy to mail to off island friends and relatives.  Beige background covered with various sizes of Wana stamped in Reddish Brown.  The beige background is a dye called Sand Dune and it leaves miniscule dots of darker dye like tiny grains of sand. You'll have to look hard to see them.

This scarf also has a one-line (not two) lauhala border on the ends.