Do you get tired of wearing the same outfits day after day? I know I did!  And I didn’t have time to shop for something new or I couldn’t find what I liked. That’s why I started Hana Lima Hand Dyes.

I'm Kathy and I live in Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii in the middle of Parker Ranch with my cats Smudge and Coco. As you can see from the photo, I create my items in a peaceful setting surrounded by ranch land and horses. My friend Amy helps me with the sewing and stamping and we both have devoted parts of our homes to the business - my kitchen serves as my dye studio and you can find Amy on her lanai cutting, sewing and stamping.

I wanted to make accessories that I could wear with the clothes I already had AND give me a totally new look. I was also tired of mass market, throw away clothes that I wore just a few times before they were ready to be discarded.

So I started by creating scarves that made my current wardrobe pop. They are light enough to wear in Hawaii and are made to last. I know because we do the entire process ourselves - from design to cutting, sewing, dyeing and stamping. And we make them one at a time so no two are exactly alike. That means high quality, long lasting and bespoke.

From scarves, we’ve expanded our product line to include wraps, shrugs, pareos, leggings, socks and home products, all made with the same attention to detail and love. We are super small and can only make a limited quantity so you won’t see your Hana Lima Hand Dyes creation on anyone else.